NTA’s Own History Lesson

New book – The first systematic, authoritative chronicle of a Black Pentecostal Church in the UK.


Press invited to book launch Thursday 23rd August 2012.

The first authoritative chronicle of the black Pentecostal church movement will be launched on Thursday 23rd August 2012

From an Acorn to an Oak Tree: the History of the New Testament Assembly is the long awaited history of the New Testament Assembly (NTA) a church representative of the successful Pentecostal movement anchored in Britain’s Caribbean community.

This book is carefully crafted from the backdrop of the work and accomplishments of the joint founders of the organisation, the late Bishop Melvin L. Powell and the late Bishop Donald E. Bernard, and epitomises the growth and development of NTA through its many milestones.

The Book is the first attempt to chronicle the NTA’s history, and is one of the first systematic, authoritative accounts of any Black Pentecostal denomination in the UK. Written with the full cooperation of the NTA leadership, this book explores how the Jamaican Christians, who travelled to Britain as part of the second wave of Caribbean migration to the Mother Country, planted this church in Britain over 50 years ago.

The author Richard Reddie has captured the very heart of the organisation, and with the aid of photographs he has depicted the many milestones of the NTA over the past fifty years.

The International President Bishop The Rt. Revd Hugh Thomas says, “From an Acorn to an Oak Tree holds high imaginary intrigue that sends the adrenaline pumping to begin the journey. This is a work that has been long overdue for the New Testament Assembly – UK. The author has effectively captured the spirit of the founders and forward movement of this progressive Organisation.”

Bishop Dr Joe Aldred adds, “The value of documenting for posterity the history of a people cannot be overstated. When these are the people who have contributed indispensably to the development of the Black Church Movement in Britain, a book dedicated to telling their story immediately falls into the ‘indispensable’ category of literary works.”

Lord Carey of Clifton in his commendation of the Book says, “From an Acorn to an Oak tree” … is an inspiring account of Caribbean Christians whose journey to a strange and cold land has enriched the United Kingdom and blessed thousands who have come in touch with the NTA.”

The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr. John Sentumu Archbishop of York, in the Foreword reflected, “In my early years in the UK I saw how the work of the New Testament Assembly was able to offer an invaluable spiritual, emotional, and social service to recently arrived Caribbean migrants in a way that the traditional churches simply were not gifted, equipped, or prepared to offer……”

Mr. Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance writes, It’s amazing to see how God has taken the small beginnings of a faithful few gathered in a terraced house in south London to the vibrant and fruitful oak tree that is the New Testament Assembly. The UK Church has been made ever richer because of the NTA’s heart for its communities, its dedication to God’s service and its commitment to Christian unity, across cultures. This book is a celebration of the past 50 years and a rallying call to the future.”

It is our hope that this book will find its place in the hands of every historian; those who are interested in the African Caribbean Diaspora and their contribution to church life in the UK; leaders of faith groups; and in schools and public libraries.

From an Acorn to an Oak Tree will be launched at 7:00 pm on Thursday 23rd August at the NTA Headquarters Church, 7 Beechcroft Road, Tooting, London SW17 7BU.



For further information please contact:

Revd Nezlin J Sterling, General & Company Secretary  

Tel 020 8579 3841; 07970547 528

Author’s contact number:



The New Testament Assembly was first planted in Jamaica in 1954 and subsequently in England in 1961.We are a charitable organization and a company limited by guarantee. NTA is a member of:

  • Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
  • The Evangelical Alliance
  • Churches Together in England
  • Churches Free Group
  • Christian Aid

The New Testament Assembly is an international organization with 18 churches in England, churches in Jamaica, the USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Ghana, South Africa and is nurturing new plants in Brazil and St VNew Testament Assembly NTA 50th Year Logoincent.



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  1. Cody Collins says:

    Can’t wait to read it !

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