Anglican Church in Harare wins back properties

Anglican Church in Harare ZimbabweA few weeks ago a call for prayer was issued for the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe as the Supreme Court prepared to make judgement on whether to restore the properties that had been grabbed by a breakaway Bishop , back to the Church.

The prayers of Christians worldwide have been answered. The Anglican Church in Zimbabwe has won a landmark judgement by the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe restoring to the Anglican Dioscese of Harare , all the property it had lost in an unusual case of ‘church invasion’. Nolbert Kunonga in 2007 broke away from the Anglican Church to form his own splinter church and in the process grabbed building, schools and other property belonging to the Anglican church. At the height of the turmoil that followed, Anglican church members were hounded out of their churches sometimes physically harassed and terrorized by Kunonga and his supporters. They resorted to meeting for services under trees, in tents, or rented premises. However after years of legal action backed by prayer to recover the properties the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe ruled that the property should be restored back to the Anglican Church. Justice Omerjee AJA, who read the judgement, said:

“When one leaves a club one does not take its property with him or her. It has long been established as a salutary principle of law in this area of property ownership that when one or more people secede from an existing church, they have no right to claim church property even if those who remain members of the congregation are in the minority.”

The Council of Zimbabwe Christian Leaders UK that works with Diaspora faith leaders has long supported the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe during its darkest hour through prayer and encouragement. In August of 2008 a delegation led by the founding Chairman Rev Levy Moyo met with the then acting Anglican Archbishop of Harare Dr Sebastian Bakare at Heathrow in London where prayers and encouragement were offered for the Bishop and the church as attacks and intimidation were escalating. Again CZCLUK was there to support Bishop Bakare when he was given the Per Anger Award for Justice in Sweden in November of 2008. Representatives of CZCLUK have on several occasions visited the current bishop Gandiya in Harare to offer solidarity with the church.

In this celebratory moment as we reflect on the Lords goodness, we wish to repeat our cry:

But let justice roll down like waters,and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.(Amos 5:24)

Qobo Mayisa

there is only one world, so lets make it a better place


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