Mark your vote Monday the 21st January 2013 will be the day President Barack Obama will have his Presidential inauguration in Washington DC. To mark the achievement of the President’s historic 2nd term, we are asking every Black led church in the country to engage in a national Voter Registration Week that will culminate on Sunday 20th January, the day before the inauguration. This will be a week of simultaneous events in and out of church.  

We are asking local pastors to ensure everyone in his/her congregation is registered to vote and on Sunday 20th January encourage those not yet registered to fill out voter registration forms on the spot.

The fact is that too many Black people in the UK are not registered to vote.  That is why OBV in collaboration with the National Church Leaders Forum seek to ensure that Black-led churches, community groups, and individuals rally everyone they know to register.  This way the Black community can have a greater influence to tackle the many growing social challenges our communities face.
Vote Box

Just the other week the All Party Group on Race found that Black women are three times more likely than white women to be unemployed, due largely to racial discrimination. Furthermore, in a speech made by the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove stated that Black children are routinely marked down because teachers have low expectation of Black pupils.

With these and other disturbing facts we must demand greater justice and greater equality from our elected politicians. But without being registered to vote, no politician will take us seriously; and we can demand nothing.

Therefore, in the week when we applaud President Obama’s 2nd term lets use it as a spring board to empower our communities in this country by ensuring we are all registered to vote.

For more details contact Joe Aldred (NCLF) or Simon Woolley (OBV)

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