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In this festive season NCLF focuses on music – and talks with Noel Robinson founder of KMW – Kingdom Worship Movement

What is Kingdom Worship Movement?                                                                                 As the name suggest we are a gathering place for the Worshippers outside of the local church setting with its expressions this coming together of diversity is the heart of the worship movement. Releasing the worship of the nations, streams and denominations.                                                                                                  

How did you come to form this initiativeKWM Logo
As an itinerant worship leader I recognised the wealth of expression in many of the places that we would travel too. God started talking to me about the bride and unity and I felt a real call for unity of the body of Christ – and worship is central to this.
How important is KWM to our Churches?
I’ve met worship leaders from churches of all sizes and cultural make up. Many have shared their frustrations, particularly on a lack of training and spiritual empowerment. KMW event is an  accessible, practical and powerful resource for those who minister in music. The Renewal Worship Encounters provides support, empowerment, training and spiritual impartation: that is important.
What kind of impact can KMW event have on the local Church?KWM LeafletEvery year we have testimonials of Worshipers who have been renewed, rejuvenated, empowered, and encounter God in deeper ways. They have been able to take all this experience back to their local church for whatever the Lord is doing/going to do there. 
How can Church Leaders/Pastors truly support the Worship Leader and their teams?
Every where in the bible you see the link between the priest(pastor) and the Levites (worship Leaders) we trying to encourage the pastors to invest in the worship leaders. By sending them for training and empowerment in the area of music and songs and spiritual impact.
Worship leaders work with 2 dynamics Music and spiritual things. There is much music content but little spiritual empowerment outside the local church setting. So we at KWM provide that support for the local church.
How do you see the relationship between Church Leader and the Worship Leader?
I believe that never before have we needed the relationships to be stronger and  in this season where there has been a significant spiritual shift in the UK and the church is called to a greater dynamic in impacting the life of the believer and unbeliever the presence of God in the church as they worship is of the upmost importance. So we are believing that this relationship will grow in all churches.Noel Robinson
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