Stats on Ethnic Communities available for viewing by Church & Community Leaders

The Office of National Statistice (ONS) has now ONSpublished the 2011 Census key statistics at local authority level on its  website at

This release includes information on ethnic group, national identity, country of birth, health, tenure and religion. It is supported by data visualisation, statistical bulletins, with commentary and short stories on international migration, ethnic group and identity, religion, and (in Wales) Welsh language.

A key statistics interface product that provides quick reference
2001 comparability information for each local authority, is being produced and will be available in due course. We will notify you when it is available on the ONS website.

ONS will  publish  the  full package of key and quick statistics at output area  hierarchies,  ward,  parish  and  parliamentary  constituencies on 30
January  2013.   By  the  end  of  February  2013, we will publish the full
package  of  key  and  quick  statistics  data at the remaining geographies including National Parks and health areas.

ONS  is  preparing  a  short  Power  Point  presentation  to help community organisations  understand  more about the 2011 Census statistics. This will explain  what  census  data is available and when, and where to find it. We plan  to  share  this with you in the next week. Frequently asked questions will  be  available  on  the  ONS website to help you answer census related queries.

If  need  you  need  assistance  in  accessing this release, please contact census customer services


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