The Bible & Homosexuality – The view of two Steves

Popular Baptist Pastor and Social Activist  Steve Chalke caused a major stir in Christian circles and beyond by declaring his support for same-sex relationships, published in the January issue of Christianity magazine.

Steve Clifford, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance responded with a counter statement on the Evangelical Alliance website.

Here is an extract from each Steve:

The government has announced that extending marriage to same sex couples will ensure the ancient institution ‘is relevant to our century’. Marriage, however, predates both state and Church – it belongs to neither of them. All of which means there are some extremely complex and controversial discussions to be had about same-sex marriage – which our society will do well to reflect on before rushing to premature decisions. 

To read the full version of STEVE CHALKE’S view click here

steve clifford EA GDSTEVE CLIFFORD:
Steve Chalke is a friend of mine. We go back many years. I am convinced that when the history of the Church in the UK is written, Steve’s contribution over the last 25 years will be recognised as profoundly significant. So with this as a backdrop I am writing my response to Steve’s article in Christianitymagazine. While I understand and respect Steve’s pastoral motivations, I believe the conclusions he has come to on same-sex relationships are wrong.

To read the full version STEVE CLIFFORD’S view click here


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