New National Leader for NTA

New National Leader for NTA

Reverend Delroy Powell

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Gay Marriage consultation was run like an election in a tinpot state

Evangelical Alliance’s director of advocacy, Dr David Landrum responds to the Government’s statement on its response to the Same Sex Marriage Consultation.

“It is obvious that the government’s assurances about legal protections for religious groups are illusory. Cameron’s recent u-turn to allow a few very small, liberal religiousGay Marriage 2 groups to hold same-sex ceremonies was on the basis of legal advice and not benevolence. However, the change makes it far more likely that mainstream religions will be subject to manifold legal challenges if they dissent from a new social orthodoxy. More importantly, no protections at all have been offered for individual Christians and the wider public.

“The move to discount more than 500,000 submissions (made on the Coalition for Marriage website opposing same-sex marriage) from the consultation process demonstrates the political game being played with marriage and shows how disenfranchised people are from Government in the UK. The consultation was run like an election in a tinpot state. Despite a significant amount of public opinion against the redefining of marriage, despite the government not having any mandate for making the change, and despite growing unrest in the Conservative Party and the very real prospect of them losing many key seats at the next general election – despite all of this, the prime minister seems determined to press on with his elitist neo-liberal agenda.

“From the very outset this proposal has been characterised by politics rather than principles. The democratic deficit demonstrated by the sham consultation will certainly see the Prime Minister losing the trust of many people across the country.

“Changing the definition of marriage is a significant decision. Although the sky won’t fall in if the law changes, there will most certainly be a new legal culture imposed that over time will have profound and incalculable consequences for family life and social relations in the UK. In light of the momentous nature of what is being proposed for our social constitution, it is not unreasonable to demand a national referendum. The people deserve to have their say on this issue.”

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Spot Light on Kingdom Worship Movement (KMW)…

Spotlight logo

In this festive season NCLF focuses on music – and talks with Noel Robinson founder of KMW – Kingdom Worship Movement

What is Kingdom Worship Movement?                                                                                 As the name suggest we are a gathering place for the Worshippers outside of the local church setting with its expressions this coming together of diversity is the heart of the worship movement. Releasing the worship of the nations, streams and denominations.                                                                                                  

How did you come to form this initiativeKWM Logo
As an itinerant worship leader I recognised the wealth of expression in many of the places that we would travel too. God started talking to me about the bride and unity and I felt a real call for unity of the body of Christ – and worship is central to this.
How important is KWM to our Churches?
I’ve met worship leaders from churches of all sizes and cultural make up. Many have shared their frustrations, particularly on a lack of training and spiritual empowerment. KMW event is an  accessible, practical and powerful resource for those who minister in music. The Renewal Worship Encounters provides support, empowerment, training and spiritual impartation: that is important.
What kind of impact can KMW event have on the local Church?KWM LeafletEvery year we have testimonials of Worshipers who have been renewed, rejuvenated, empowered, and encounter God in deeper ways. They have been able to take all this experience back to their local church for whatever the Lord is doing/going to do there. 
How can Church Leaders/Pastors truly support the Worship Leader and their teams?
Every where in the bible you see the link between the priest(pastor) and the Levites (worship Leaders) we trying to encourage the pastors to invest in the worship leaders. By sending them for training and empowerment in the area of music and songs and spiritual impact.
Worship leaders work with 2 dynamics Music and spiritual things. There is much music content but little spiritual empowerment outside the local church setting. So we at KWM provide that support for the local church.
How do you see the relationship between Church Leader and the Worship Leader?
I believe that never before have we needed the relationships to be stronger and  in this season where there has been a significant spiritual shift in the UK and the church is called to a greater dynamic in impacting the life of the believer and unbeliever the presence of God in the church as they worship is of the upmost importance. So we are believing that this relationship will grow in all churches.Noel Robinson
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oliver.lyseightThe OLIVIER LYESIGHT LECTURE 2013 is set for February 2nd at:

New Testament Church Of God
Leadership Training Centre
1-3 Horseshoe Street
Northampton NN1 1TB

The Oliver Lyseight Lecture is currently the only annual Lecture in the name of a founding father of a UK Black Pentecostal Church.

Other Upcoming Education & Training Events:

January  2013
25-27     Leading with Integrity

Februray 2013
2             Gideon Partners’ Day and the Oliver Lyseight Lecture
15-17      Ministering through Music including ‘An Audience with Geraldine Latty’
22-24      Pastors and Key Leaders’ Conference

For more details call:
Tel: 01604 824233/8

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Charity Commission launches new form of Incorporated Charity

For the past six years we have been waiting for a new form of incorporated charity which would make life a lot easier and safer for some charities.  Now, at last, it is being launched by the Charity Commission.  See their website here.
CharityCommission logoThe reason for doing this is that it gives better legal protection to the trustees of a charity than in an unincorporated body.  Until now, the only way of doing this was to become both a registered charity and a registered company limited by guarantee.  This means ‘serving two masters’, being responsible and reporting to both the Charity Commission and Companies House.  This can become particularly complicated if such a charitable company has to be wound up.

The Charitable Incorporated Organisation solves this by giving the same protection to trustees but with reporting to the Charity Commission only.  In the first instance, this is available to new charities only but will be extended to existing charities over the next twelve months.

As the Exception Order 2007 by which many Churches and Christian bodies operate as unregistered charities has been extended to April 2014 when the ceiling will come down from an annual income of 100,000 to £50,000, this is a good time for unincorporated bodies to consider again whether it is time to incorporate.


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Mark your vote Monday the 21st January 2013 will be the day President Barack Obama will have his Presidential inauguration in Washington DC. To mark the achievement of the President’s historic 2nd term, we are asking every Black led church in the country to engage in a national Voter Registration Week that will culminate on Sunday 20th January, the day before the inauguration. This will be a week of simultaneous events in and out of church.  

We are asking local pastors to ensure everyone in his/her congregation is registered to vote and on Sunday 20th January encourage those not yet registered to fill out voter registration forms on the spot.

The fact is that too many Black people in the UK are not registered to vote.  That is why OBV in collaboration with the National Church Leaders Forum seek to ensure that Black-led churches, community groups, and individuals rally everyone they know to register.  This way the Black community can have a greater influence to tackle the many growing social challenges our communities face.
Vote Box

Just the other week the All Party Group on Race found that Black women are three times more likely than white women to be unemployed, due largely to racial discrimination. Furthermore, in a speech made by the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove stated that Black children are routinely marked down because teachers have low expectation of Black pupils.

With these and other disturbing facts we must demand greater justice and greater equality from our elected politicians. But without being registered to vote, no politician will take us seriously; and we can demand nothing.

Therefore, in the week when we applaud President Obama’s 2nd term lets use it as a spring board to empower our communities in this country by ensuring we are all registered to vote.

For more details contact Joe Aldred (NCLF) or Simon Woolley (OBV)

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Stats on Ethnic Communities available for viewing by Church & Community Leaders

The Office of National Statistice (ONS) has now ONSpublished the 2011 Census key statistics at local authority level on its  website at

This release includes information on ethnic group, national identity, country of birth, health, tenure and religion. It is supported by data visualisation, statistical bulletins, with commentary and short stories on international migration, ethnic group and identity, religion, and (in Wales) Welsh language.

A key statistics interface product that provides quick reference
2001 comparability information for each local authority, is being produced and will be available in due course. We will notify you when it is available on the ONS website.

ONS will  publish  the  full package of key and quick statistics at output area  hierarchies,  ward,  parish  and  parliamentary  constituencies on 30
January  2013.   By  the  end  of  February  2013, we will publish the full
package  of  key  and  quick  statistics  data at the remaining geographies including National Parks and health areas.

ONS  is  preparing  a  short  Power  Point  presentation  to help community organisations  understand  more about the 2011 Census statistics. This will explain  what  census  data is available and when, and where to find it. We plan  to  share  this with you in the next week. Frequently asked questions will  be  available  on  the  ONS website to help you answer census related queries.

If  need  you  need  assistance  in  accessing this release, please contact census customer services


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